How To Cook Roast Pork Crackling | Filipino Crackling Recipe

Who doesn’t like Roast pork cracklings? Hubby made a very simple Chinese roast pork crackling. It’s very basic it cracks me up!

Roast Pork Crackling

Making pork crackle seems to be a difficult task. The problem in cooking pork crackling is ending up with a leathery pork skin (which is hardly a crackle); or maybe having a really crunchy skin but then, compromising on the taste of the pork meats being too dry. Thinking about the hassle and effort of it all makes me just want to buy it from the nearest Asian restaurant at our place.

Good thing, we can now make a decent pork crackling at home! Nyom! Nyom!! Crunch! Crunch!

Roast Pork Crackling

It takes a bit of cooking time in the oven; but it’s all worth the wait. On the other hand, since you’ll be using the oven, you can do a little multi-tasking as you wait. You can do a few chores or watch your favorite tele-novela while the pork cooks. Just make sure you’re timer is well set.

This Chinese roast pork goes well with rice and some stir-fry veggies. It’s also a fine topping to a noodle dish. More so, this tasty pork will be a good pair with an iced cold beer. Do you have a gathering at home? Try this on your guest and see how they would love you even more!

Here’s how we cook Chinese roast pork with crackling at home.

Roast Pork Crackling recipe

Jaime Inez
Perfect crackling is achieved when the skin of the pork dries out and becomes crispy. If you cover the pork, the fat will not cook away and the crackling will be chewy. The meat should rest for at least an hour before carving. Serve with fresh sides like mashed potatoes. A crunchy roast potato is a favorite side with roasting. This recipe will make your guests swoon over your pork. It is an elegant meal that will please the whole family.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Servings 4 servings
Calories 521 kcal


  • Pre heat oven at 180-185c (depending on the oven). Our oven is a bit old; you may need to assess the capacity of your own oven.
  • Place water on an oven pan. Put this pan on the bottom part of the oven. (The pork will be roasted on a wire rack above this tray. See further instructions below.)
  • Dry the pork with paper towel.
  • Make a slit around the side of the pork and insert the crushed garlic. Make sure that you make it deep enough so that the garlic will not be pushed out while the pork is cooking.
  • (Don't make the same mistake that we did. Notice in the photo below that the garlic was pushed out when the meat was being roasted.)
  • Rub the pork belly with the five spice powder except on the skin.
  • Layer the skin of the pork with salt. Make sure it is evenly placed.
  • Place the pork belly on a wire rack and put on the middle rack of the oven.
  • Wait for 1 hour. After one hour, you will notice that the salt will form into a crust. Once crusted, remove the salt and turn up the oven to 240-245C. Also, check if you need to add water in the pan.
  • Roast the pork for another 35-40 minutes until the crackling is formed.
  • Remove the pork and sit for 5 minutes.
  • Cut into desired size and serve.



For its sauce, I prefer a simple vinegar and crushed garlic combo. But if you want to keep on with this being a Chinese-inspired dish, mix up some hoisin sauce, pepper and vinegar. This’ll go well with this pork crackling.
Enjoy and remember me when you cook!!
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Tips and tricks to make Pork Crackling

Crackling Roast Pork | Pork Recipes | Weber BBQ

Crackling Cooking Tips

Now, let’s get down to business. You’ve got your pork roast ready, and you’re eyeing that skin, imagining the crackle. Here are my top tips to ensure you nail it every time:

  1. Dry Skin Equals Crispy Crackling: Pat that pork skin dry as a bone. Moisture is the enemy of crispiness, so give it some tough love with a paper towel.
  2. Score for Success: Gently score the skin. This isn’t just for looks; it helps the fat render out and puffs up the skin into glorious bubbles of crunch.
  3. Salt It Generously: Salt isn’t just a flavor enhancer; it’s a texture magician for “Roast Pork Crackling.” Rub it in well, and watch the magic happen.
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FAQs About Roast Pork Crackling

Q: How long should I roast my pork to get perfect crackling? A: Ah, the age-old question! The truth is, it varies. A good rule of thumb is to start with a high heat to kickstart the crackling process, then lower it to cook the meat through without burning the skin.

Q: Can I still get good crackling if I’m using a slow cooker? A: Best Slow cookers are great for tender meat, but not so much for “Roast Pork Crackling.” If you’re using a slow cooker, transfer the pork to a hot oven towards the end to crisp up that skin.

Roasted pork loin with crackling roast vegetables, gravy and apple sauce | Australian Pork

Elevating Your Roast Pork Crackling Presentation

Picture this: The roast is out of the oven, and the aroma is wafting through the air, making stomachs growl in anticipation. Now it’s time to give that “Roast Pork Crackling” the grand entrance it deserves.

Firstly, let’s talk about the platter. Choose something that complements the rustic charm of the roast. A wooden cutting board gives off that ‘just carved in the kitchen’ vibe, while a large white ceramic dish can make those golden hues pop.

As you’re slicing, think about texture and size. You want hearty pieces that showcase the juicy meat and that gloriously crispy skin. Lay them out so each piece is easily accessible – no one should have to perform acrobatics to get their share of the crackling.

Now, for a bit of color and freshness, garnish the platter with some fresh herbs. Rosemary and thyme are not just aromatic; they’re like little green sprigs of joy that dance around the pork, whispering promises of flavor.

And let’s not forget the sides. While apple sauce is a classic, why not also offer a sharp, vinegary coleslaw? The acidity cuts through the fat beautifully, refreshing the palate between each sinful bite of “Roast Pork Crackling.”

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For those who like a bit of heat, a small bowl of homemade chili sauce can be a game-changer. It’s like throwing a little party for your taste buds, where the crackling is the guest of honor.

Finally, as you bring the platter to the table, do so with a flourish. This isn’t just dinner; it’s a celebration of crunch, flavor, and the simple joy of eating well. Encourage your guests to listen to that satisfying snap of the crackling as they take their first bite – it’s a sensory experience that elevates the meal from delicious to unforgettable.

So there you have it, a more detailed guide on how to serve your “Roast Pork Crackling” with the pomp and ceremony it richly deserves. Enjoy the feast, and may your crackling be ever crispy!

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A Deeper Dive into My “Roast Pork Crackling” Obsession

Pork Roast With Crackle - Cafe Delites

Let me pull back the curtain on my love affair with “Roast Pork Crackling.” It’s not just a dish; it’s a symphony of textures and flavors that I’ve been perfecting over countless Sunday dinners and festive gatherings.

The tender meat, slow-cooked to perfection, is like the steady bass in an orchestra, providing a deep, rich foundation. But the crackling? Oh, the crackling is the solo violin that soars above the rest, delivering those high notes that make your heart flutter.

Now, about that personal twist of mine – the smoked paprika. It’s not just any old spice from the rack; it’s a carefully selected variety that I hunted down in a little market on a trip abroad. The smokiness is reminiscent of a campfire under the stars, adding a layer of complexity to the “Roast Pork Crackling” that takes you on a journey with every bite.

But wait, there’s more. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll add a hint of garlic powder and a touch of brown sugar to the rub. This isn’t just for kicks; it creates a caramelized crust that’s so sinfully good, you’ll want to repent after indulging.

And here’s a little secret: right before the pork goes into the oven, I whisper a few words of encouragement to it. Call me crazy, but I believe love is the most underrated ingredient in any recipe.

So, my dear friends, as you embark on your own “Roast Pork Crackling” adventure, remember that it’s not just about following a recipe. It’s about pouring a piece of yourself into the dish. It’s about experimenting, savoring, and sharing. That’s what turns cooking into an art form.

Now go forth, season boldly, roast bravely, and let your kitchen be filled with the sounds and smells of success. May your crackling always be crispy, and your meals always be merry!