How to make Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps

How would you like to make this Morning Glory Pasta dish?

Cooking Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps

Cooking Like A Pro call this one Morning Glory Pasta (for obvious reasons). It’s in the menu of one of our favorite restaurants here in Thailand. I tried making this one with a little twist of my own; and it turns out that it’s a very easy dish to do.
Cooking Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps
Read on to get my recipe of morning glory pasta strips with drunken shrimps.
Morning glory (kangkong), water spinach or watercress has become one of my favorite greens to cook. It’s very versatile and tasty! There are 2 kinds of kangkong, really. One is the green leafy ones which I use in cooking pork sinigang. The other kind is the long-stemmed kangkong which is good in making this particular dish.

Both kinds are nutritious, of course – and cheap, too! Just make sure to cook them while they’re fresh to get most of their potent minerals.

So…let’s start!

Ingredients in cooking morning glory pasta:
– long-stemmed morning glory (kangkong), cut in halves (length-wise); then vertically to create thin long strips.

Cooking Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps


 You can make yours thinner than mine above. I got excited doing this dish for the first time. So, there…!

– garlic, crushed
– garlic, chopped
– shrimps, cut in small bits
– beer or Chinese cooking wine
– bird’s eye chili (optional)
– fish sauce
– oyster sauce
– cooking oil
– hot water

Let’s start cooking morning glory pasta with drunken shrimps.
1. Marinate the shrimps in beer or Chinese cooking wine. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

Cooking Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps

2. Saute the chopped garlic in a very hot pan with cooking oil.
3. Toss in the shrimps. Saute’ well under medium-high heat until cooked.
4. Add the morning glory. Stir well.
5. Add the chili, if any.
6. Add hot water. Lower the heat to low-medium.
7. Add the crushed garlic.
8. Season with fish sauce and oyster sauce.
9. Let the dish simmer.
10. Turn off the heat and add a little Chinese wine.
11. Don’t cover the pan to avoid over-cooking the morning glory.
12. Serve while hot.

Cooking Morning Glory Pasta with Drunken Shrimps

Notice you don’t have to use any artificial seasonings; so it’s definitely a healthier dish. It saves you a lot of trans fats and unnecessary calories. When you think you need to add more flavor into it, just play with a little bit of oyster sauce or fish sauce. Sometimes a dash of salt also does the work. 😉

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