How to make homemade Marinara Sauce easy at home

When it comes to pasta sauces, marinara sauce is the quick and easy recipe that I love making the most. It requires such few ingredients and it takes so little time cooking. Depending on my whims, I can add seafood, chicken, both or no meats at all for this pasta dish.
Cooking Like A Pro sure you love marinara, too. How ’bout we make something like this.

Cooking Marinara Sauce

Cooking marinara sauce will take only a little of your time. It won’t cost much too because the ingredients are so plain and simple. Heck! You may already have some fresh herbs in your garden that are just waiting to be picked. Otherwise, you can always head to the grocer’s to get necessaries for this dish.

Ready? Here we go.

Marinara Sauce

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Marinara Sauce is a tomato sauce made from tomatoes, herbs, and onions. It may also contain olives and capers. It can also include wine. Although its origins are Old World, marinara has become a staple of Italian-American cuisine. It is often used on pasta dishes. Here are some of the ingredients that make a great marinara sauce. And if you're not sure what to add, take a look at the ingredients below to see if they're right for you.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Sauce
Cuisine International, Italian
Servings 4 servings
Calories 143 kcal


  • Pour in the olive oil in a skillet or pan.
  • Saute' the garlic when the pan is heated up.
  • If using chicken, throw in the chicken when the garlic turns golden.
  • Stir well.
  • If using shrimps, add in the shrimps when the chicken cooks.
  • Add the parsley and basil.
  • Season the dish with fish sauce.
  • Add the tomatoes.
  • Lower the heat and let the dish simmer.
  • Season the dish with fish sauce.
  • Add the grated cheese. Stir well.
  • Let it simmer under low heat for 5-10 minutes.
  • Lastly, adjust the taste with salt and pepper.



A good marinara sauce can be made at home with fresh ingredients. Simply saute the ingredients, season with herbs and spices, and simmer until the sauce is reduced by one cup. Then, you can freeze it in jars. Be sure to leave about an inch of headspace to allow the sauce to expand. So, you can make a delicious marinara sauce that everyone will love! And, it's great for pasta, too!
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Cooking Marinara Sauce

There you have it! Easy, right? You can put this is the fridge and it’ll only taste better! It makes a good chips dip, taco filling and yeah, pasta sauce!

If you fancy, yon can use fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones. In doing so, choose ripe plump tomatoes. Peel off the skin first and mash them with your hands, as well.

Note that I cooked the cheese together with the sauce. I don’t like a very tangy marinara; that’s why. Some however, prefers it. It’s up to you to add the cheese during cooking; or when the dish is to be served. The  cheese by the way, makes the sauce salty and creamier.

Cooking Marinara Sauce

Tips and Tricks to make Marinara Sauce

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Marinara sauce is often made with fresh tomatoes from the summer. It can also be made with canned San Marzano tomatoes. The ingredients for a homemade marinara sauce are the same as those in a store-bought sauce. It is best to cook two pounds of fresh tomatoes and one 28-ounce can of San Marzano tomatoes. Using fresh tomatoes will ensure that the taste and texture of the sauce is more authentic.

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If you want a quick marinara sauce, all you need are tomato paste and olive oil. You can also use a food processor to puree tomatoes and add additional ingredients. Adding tomato paste to the sauce will ensure that it is perfectly smooth. After that, you can add other ingredients to make it more flavorful. And the best part? Most of these sauces will only take about thirty minutes. You can even make a homemade version with your own ingredients.

While making marinara sauce, you can add different vegetables and spices to it. To make it more nutritious, you can use tomato paste instead of tomato. In addition, garlic and red chili peppers provide more antioxidants than other fruits. In addition, they help in relieving muscle pain. Compared to their tomato counterparts, marinara sauce contains more nutrients and vitamins. If you like the taste of this sauce, you can add them to your pasta or other dishes.

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Another benefit of marinara sauce is that it is gluten-free. The sauce contains more vitamin and mineral content than its tomato-based counterpart. It is also rich in fiber. When you make your own marinara sauce, you can also add a little olive oil for a healthier version. The sauce can be thickened to a desired consistency before serving. If you want a thicker sauce, you can add more olive oil.

The ingredients for marinara include tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Some people add oregano and basil. Then, simmer until the sauce is thick and orange. If you’re not a fan of tomatoes, you can also add oregano to it. You can even freeze leftover marinara sauce for future use. It’s that easy. So, don’t wait! Give your family the taste of a marinara!

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While you can buy marinara sauce in jars, you can make it at home. Then, add it to your favorite pasta dish. Then, add your favorite ingredients, including a little basil. You’ll love the flavor and ease of preparation. Just be sure to follow the instructions in your recipe! You’ll be glad you did! Now you’re ready to cook your favorite Italian dish! Enjoy! And, don’t forget to try the delicious and healthy marinara sauce!

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When you cook with marinara, you’ll never miss the meat. It’s so rich in flavor and texture that it’s a staple of Italian cuisine. It pairs well with grilled meat dishes, pasta and even grilled cheese. In addition to pizza, marinara is the perfect base for many pasta dishes. Its flavor is complemented by meatier dishes, such as spaghetti, and chicken. This sauce is the perfect topping for a pizza and goes well with melted mozzarella.

The best marinara sauce is made with fresh tomato, garlic, basil, and olive oil. Its high level of antioxidants can lower the risk of heart disease and reduce blood pressure. Its rich flavor is an excellent way to spice up pasta. It’s also great as a dip or a side. And, the ingredients in marinara sauce aren’t limited to tomatoes. They can also include vegetables, herbs, spices, and sugar.