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BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

Jaime Inez
If you're preparing ribs on the grill, you can use a slow cooker. The ribs should be covered with two or three layers of aluminum foil. The ribs should be evenly spaced apart from one another. In case, the ribs are in a bigger dish, you can use two sheets of foil. Ideally, you should wrap the rims in foil.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 45 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Servings 4 servings
Calories 325 kcal


  • Pork ribs 800g1kg
  • Barbecue sauce We used Smoky Barbecue flavour
  • Paprika ½ tbsp
  • Garlic powder ½ tbsp
  • Chili powder 2 tsp
  • Raw sugar ½ tbsp.
  • Salt 2 tsp
  • Garlic granules 2 tsp


  • Pat-dry the pork ribs with kitchen paper towels.
  • Combine the following in a dry bowl to make the rub for the ribs – paprika, garlic powder, chili powder, raw sugar and salt.
  • Pre-heat oven at 160 degrees.
  • Rub the ribs with the mixture prepared in Step 2. Make sure every portion of the ribs is covered.
  • Sprinkle garlic granules on top of the meat slab. Note the ribs should be ‘meat down’. This will help in keeping the the meat tender and juicy as the juice will concentrate on the meat while it drips during cooking.
  • Cover the ribs in foil. Make sure it is sealed completely.
  • Bake for 1.5 - 2 hours (depending on the size of the ribs).
  • Carefully take the ribs out from the oven.
  • Open the top foil with a knife.
  • Pour and brush barbecue sauce on top of the slab and put back in the oven.
  • If you have an oven that has a grill mode, switch it so and grill for another 15-20 minutes. If not, you can grill it on fire for 10 mins. If you don’t have a grill mode and don’t have a grill, you can just keep it in the oven for another 30 mins.
  • When you get that sticky texture from the grill, take the ribs out.
  • Rest for 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve with a cold beverage.



When cooking ribs, you can use a slow cooker to cook them in the oven. You can also serve them as appetizers. The ribs should have a pinkish ring underneath them. This ring represents smoke and is a good sign that the ribs are cooked perfectly. Once the spit is ready, you can transfer the spit to the grill and baste with the BBQ sauce.
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